Police Academy Prep Program

Our Police Academy Prep Program will assist you in building the mental and physical strength needed to successfully meet the physical demands of the police academy.  The program provides functional fitness training for all levels of fitness.  If you are attending the police academy in the near future, do not wait until the last minute to prepare yourself physically!  It is not mandatory that you attend every day but highly suggested you train at minimum a couple of days a week.  Classes are Monday-Friday, 5am-6am and Saturday-Sunday, 7am-8am.  A health and wellness seminar is also provided quarterly.  The instructors are friendly and current law enforcement officers.  There is no cost for the program.  For more information and/or to register, contact Sgt. Santillan at (559) 593-5327 or email jesuss@cityofclovis.com.

Police Academy Prep Program, picture with officers